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Why do I have to pay $29.00 for a Trip Fee?

Mr. or Mrs. Home owner: Here at CTGutterPro we have been in
business for 30 + years now.

We found a few years back we had to add a Trip fee to all of our new jobs and service call. To help keep our business in business and not have to raise our pricing to our wonderful customer.

As our trucks are very large and get 5-6 mile to the gallon. Not to mention that when we service them every 3000 mile. The cost of this service come about $1,000.00 to $2500.00.

So you can see $29.00 is such a small fee to pay to have outstanding service with Lifetime workmanship Warranty from a company that had been in business for 30+ years. We don’t hide our fee and gouge our prices like other companies. As you can see from our site, we post our gutter prices. Custom gutter covers prices and our basic and tune up cleaning prices are also on line.