Ice Dam Removal CT


PRICING SPECIAL Approximately 3 to 4 feet of ice and snow will be removed from the roofing system edges.

Ranch home $575.00
Ranch Home with hip roof $750.00
Raised Ranch $750.00
Cape Home $675.00
Colonial Home $875.00
Colonial Home with hip roof $1100.00

These are starting prices for homes that are 2000 sq. feet or less. Pricing depends on the snow fall and ice, as well as the home design. All custom, larger homes of more than 2000 square feet and/or more than 150 lineal feet of the existing roofs gutter edge. (Homes with over 150 lineal roofs gutter edge will be an extra charge of $10.00 per over the 150 feet). Homes more than three stories high, need to be estimated. Please call for pricing — it only takes a minute with our software.

Please note: Sales tax is added to all service jobs. Our employees are insured with Worker’s Compensation Insurance, and we carry $2,000,000.00 in liability insurance.


clip_image002_0000 We subscribe to satellite service. We give them your address, color and what type of house and they send us the satellite picture of your home.
Meriden – Waterbury Road Plantsville CT