Attic Duct Wrap

Duct losses from heat gain in hot attics or heat loss in cold basements or crawl spaces reduces your comfort, wears out your furnace or A/C, and wastes energy every time your unit turns on. Then, while the unit is off, heat moves readily through the ducting wall and either chills off or heats up the air inside the duct.  Feel that hot blast of air every time the A/C turns on?  Or the bitter chill when the heat pump turns on during the winter?  Keep in mind ALL the air in the ducts was, at one time, the temperature you paid to make you comfortable.  While the unit is not running, it’s either being heated during the summer (which costs you more) or being chilled off if the ducts are in an attic that’s -10F.

Our new TCM Duct Wrap is the best solution for this.

No need to replace your existing ductwork; just make certain it’s sealed. Simply cover your ducts with TCM Duct Wrap and experience instant and lifelong benefits. TCM Duct Wrap lasts forever and pays for itself quickly in energy savings. Think about this: We protect the walls of our homes with six inches of insulation and our ceilings with twelve inches of insulation, yet the ducts which carry air that consumed large amounts of energy to make us comfortable has only one inch of insulation!

Wrapping your ducts, no matter what climate you live in, pays for itself 24 hours of the day, every day of the week.  It’s most likely the best energy investment you can make on your home.

Our duct wrap uses our TCM technology, which was developed for reducing energy costs in all homes.  Note that the TCM is installed in the attic on top of the insulation.  TCM is used for hot or humid climatesThe CTGutterPro Radiant Barrier Chip System is used in cold climates.

Expensive?  Sure it is — it’s expensive to manufacture – but, like anything else, you get what you pay for. TCM Duct Wrap lasts forever, is unaffected by dust, moisture, or gravity, and carries a lifetime performance warranty.  This is one job you don’t want to do again and, with this product, you won’t have to.  This product should be in every home in every climate.