Soffits and Venting

Start at the Top!

In many ways, the overall health of your home and family begins in the attic, where proper ventilation goes a long way toward keeping you physically—and fiscally—fit. Recent studies have prompted more officials to issue building codes requiring efficient ventilation before any home or business can be occupied. Proper ventilation will:

  • Help prevent ice dams
  • Extend the life of your roof shingles
  • Reduce heating & cooling costs
  • Prevent moisture build-up and impede the growth of mold and mildew

Ask about CTGutterPro’s Triple 3-1/3″ InvisiVents soffits, which provides about 50% more ventilation than most standard vinyl soffits.

The importance of venting your attic cannot be overlooked.  In cold climates, improper venting can lead to moisture buildup, which causes mold to grow, wood rot in extreme cases, or even ice in the attic insulation.  In hot dry climates, stagnant air can dry out your trusses, increase your energy costs for air conditioning, and make your house uncomfortable.

If your home is like most that we inspect, it is severely under-vented.  You can add more soffit and exhaust vents, but at what cost?  Power venting may be a more cost-effective and efficient method of achieving your goal.  However, venting is just part of the problem.  A well-ventilated attic will reduce the convective load.  The largest component of heat gain or heat loss in any home is infrared heat.  Control this and you can really save!